Aimee Keller Pickford, Workplace Missionary

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What are some job titles you’ve held?

I began my commitment In health care as a Radiology Technologist. Years later I realized I wanted to help others grow into the best version of themselves while caring for patients, so I became a Manager for Diagnostic Imaging. I continued my pursuit of leadership and today I work as a Senior Leader and still strive everyday working to help caregivers have the tools they need to be the best version of themselves while caring for God’s children.

What industries have you worked in?

In college I worked in a lawyers office helping type documents and file. In addition I took a second job as a file room clerk in a Radiology department. After graduating from college, I began working in my lifelong career in a hospital as a Radiology Technologist.

How old were you when you were baptized?

I was first baptized as a child. Later in life I chose to be baptized again after having some life changes that helped me grow into my strong faith I live in today.

How did a failure set you up to have success being a missionary at work?

I initially went to college to be a lawyer, I thought it was the right path for helping people. While working in a lawyers office I was witness to the back side of preparing for trials, the negative energy created by coming up with creative ways to get the outcome for the attorney made me ask some questions to a lawyer one day; his answers made me realize I was in the wrong program, what I thought would be an opportunity to do right and help people who had been wronged was not the right profession for me. I had a friend that worked at a hospital while going to nursing school and she intrigued me to get a job on weekends so I could look around and learn more about options. This led me to my weekend job in Radiology, then forward to my professional license. I initially worked in a community hospital, I loved it so much, but was missing something. I began to look around, found an open position at a hospital in a city I had never heard of but was close enough to drive to from my home. I scheduled an interview, I was nervous pulling up the drive and almost hesitant to go in. However, upon entering the double sliding glass doors on the two story lobby wall was a Nathan Green collage; the Lion in this collage spoke to me and gave me peace, expressed God’s love and invited me to move forward. I knew I was in the right place but had confirmation when the Human Resources Director offered a word of prayer before beginning the in person interview; I had an offer prior to leaving. Almost 28 years later, I am still serving my God in this incredible organization. I’m a resource to so many beautiful lives who I strive daily to provide us all with love, peace and hope. The most amazing part of this role is it is what I get to do every day for patients, families, staff, providers and the communities we are blessed to care for.

What’s a Bible verse that you want to share with your fellow workplace missionaries? Why?

Many are the plans in a person’s heart, But it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.

Proverbs 19:21

If you could tell the CEOs of the biggest companies in the world one sentence about Jesus, what would it be?

Live to please Jesus

not to please others.

What’s the best spiritual investment you’ve made?

Prioritizing my time in God’s presence. I haven’t always prioritized my time with him on a daily basis like I had wanted, however many years ago when my Mom became ill, I looked to him which began my journey of making time to stay connected to him daily, he is my lifeline.

Making an intentional block of time in my life calendar for just us provides me the trust I need in myself, trust to lead my family, my relationships and my work. I have definitely been more blessed having this secure time and has continued to grow my faith.

What seed planting tip would you share with your fellow workplace missionaries?

If I could share anything it would be to lead with love and patience. To ensure that we are seen as children of God visible by our actions and words. To always lead with your heart.

What would you tell young Christians who are entering the workforce for the first time?

To not be afraid of entering it as you are. Having the opportunity to work in a faith loving organization isn’t always an option. I would say to not be afraid, share God’s love, you never know what encounters you will have and where they could lead you. Follow the rule, treat others as you want to be treated.

When you find yourself focusing on worldly things, what do you do to refocus on following Jesus?

I circle back to many of my favorite verses or make time to have conversation and bible study with my husband or a friend whom shares the faith as I do; we may have a bible study or church session but we discover a perspective I may not have had or we simply find the focus lost.