Chris Hadley, Workplace Missionary

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Chris is a servant of God and married to the wonderful Mrs. Melinda. He owns Hadley Sign and Southern Smoke BBQ Catering. Like his wife, Chris is well versed in the mission field. Let’s fire up his interview and get going!

What’s the least and most significant job titles you’ve held? 

Least – cleaning fish for people at 13 yrs old and busboy at a restaurant at 16 yrs old.

Significant – owner of BBQ business. Helping others to enjoy good food!

What industries have you worked in?  

  • Marina dock mgr at 17
  • Pizza delivery at 19 
  • Golf club / accessories sales at 20
  • Electrical sign sales at 21 
  • Environmental Services sales at 34 

How old were you when you were baptized?


How did a failure set you up to have success being a missionary at work?  

When I was in the golfing industry in my young life I decided one day to just not show up to work because I was getting bored with the job. Instead of having the guts to approach my boss and give a two week notice I hoped he would fire me and that he did. After it happened I didn’t feel great about how I handled the situation and so I then decided that no matter how bad the job was after that firing that I would give it my best from then on. I wanted people to count on me no matter how bad the job was and that I would never call on anyone to do a job that I wouldn’t do myself. 

What’s a Bible verse that you want to share with your fellow workplace missionaries? Why?  

Galatians 5:16 “So I say live by the Spirit and you will not gratify the desires of the sinful nature”. We are each tempted each and every day by Satan and depending on the type of job that you he may try to tempt us to lie to a customer about a job, whisper that it’s okay to charge more for a product that is not the quality that has been advertised as being your best, etc. It’s our job to make sure that we live up to what is promised to a customer no matter whatever the outcome is on our end that affects us and not the customer.

If you could tell the CEOs of the biggest companies in the world one sentence about Jesus, what would it be?  

He is my Rock and my Savior and without him I can do nothing.

What’s the best spiritual investment you’ve made?  

Being available to talk to others about what Jesus can do in your life as a decision guide at church or anytime!

What seed planting tip would you share with your fellow workplace missionaries?  

Be willing to listen to a person’s story about their past before telling others why they need Jesus when they themselves don’t know that they need Him. It helps to know a little about a person’s past before giving advice about helping a person’s future with Jesus as their Savior.

What would you tell young Christians who are entering the workforce for the first time?  

Go into a job always being willing to give your best. Always treat others the way you would want to be treated. Always go above and beyond what is asked of you.

When you find yourself focusing on worldly things, what do you do to refocus on following Jesus?  

Pray that God would take this cup from me. I find myself a lot of times focusing on material things and what others have and not being satisfied with what God has provided for me. I talk to God and ask Him to take these thoughts away and help me to focus on Him, His Word & His Way.

Featured Image Credit: Melinda Hadley