Shaquel Polacek, Workplace Missionary

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I’m from Flint, Michigan originally but I live in Groton, CT. Duty to active duty Navy! I have been Christian all my life. I also run God’s Greatness Organization. I would like for everyone to check out!

What are some job titles you’ve held?

  • Leading Petty Officer
  • Chief
  • Department Chief
  • Department Head
  • COB XO Co (I’m in the Navy) supervisor
  • CEO
  • VP
  • President

What industries have you worked in?

  • Military
  • Child Work
  • Food Service

How old were you when you were baptized?


How did a failure set you up to have success being a missionary at work?

Well a huge failure I had in my eyes was when I got in trouble at work and went to what we call Captain Mast. I had a stellar career up to this point and was excelling great. I made one mistake and it was like everyone forgot everything good I did. But I was really devastated by it. It was not until a couple years later it presented opportunities for me to talk about God. As I looked back I was able to see how even then God was taking care of me. Our Captain told us if we ever messed up bad enough to go to mast, we would get max punishment. 30 days restriction to boat, half months pay x2, 45 days extra duty, plus reduction in rank. So I thought I was done for. I have a wife and 3 kids at the time. Single income. Living barely check to check I couldn’t afford it and had no clue what I was going to do! However his heart was softened and I basically didn’t get any punishment! Like NOTHING man. And it was that he was just bluffing, there had been at least five people who went to mast around the same time, he kicked 2 out the navy and 2 got that max punishment deducted in rank. But for some reason I got a pass? That reason was God. To God Be The Glory. All of it. I often share this story with people to show them How God can move and you do not even see it until you’re through it. I share it on my podcast as well!

What’s a Bible verse that you want to share with your fellow workplace missionaries? Why?

Luke 1:37 For with God nothing shall be impossible!

This is a verse my grandma told me to remember when I was about 4 or 5. She told me once and I never forgot it. It gives you strength when you think you can get through something, or can’t accomplish something. It reminds you of the omnipotence of the Most High God.

If you could tell the CEOs of the biggest companies in the world one sentence about Jesus, what would it be?

That they should turn to Jesus and build a Sincere relationship With Him because then they would not only receive true happiness from life but even more importantly receive the salvation that comes through Christ Alone.

What’s the best spiritual investment you’ve made?

Starting my Christian Podcast “God’s Greatness Show” it has pushed me to dive deeper into the word of God and also created a new way for me to reach souls and bring them to Christ!

What seed planting tip would you share with your fellow workplace missionaries?

I would first explain what a “seed” means when people talk about planting seeds. It could be a good deed, helping someone, simply saying something nice to lift someone up, but it can also be the opposite of all that. Being deceitful, mischievous, ugly at heart. There’s good and bad seeds. Then I would explain that whatever seeds we decide to plant in life will grow in our lives.. reap what you sow. And to keep that in mind throughout daily thinking and living.

What would you tell young Christians who are entering the workforce for the first time?

NEVER compromise or hide your faith from anyone for any reason. Also not to be consumed or drawn into the ways of people living by the flesh in the workplace. It is a serious struggle when you’re surrounded by it for so long.

When you find yourself focusing on worldly things, what do you do to refocus on following Jesus?

I pray hard, I listen to my gospel to get into my praise and worship, I remind myself that whatever I am focused on is not worth losing out on what God has for me. I read my bible and pray God leads me to read the word that I need in that moment.