Stacey Whitlock, Workplace Missionary

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I am a wife, mother of two children, a middle school math teacher and cross country/track and field coach. I grew up in Kentucky. I Graduated college from Middle Tennessee State University. I’ve lived in a number of states and cities, but was able to return to My Old Kentucky Home eight years ago. I am a member of Southeast Christian Church, Lagrange campus.

What are some job titles you’ve held?

  • Director of athletic marketing
  • Teacher
  • Coach

What industries have you worked in?

  • College athletics
  • Education

How old were you when you were baptized?

30 years old

How did a failure set you up to have success being a missionary at work?

Not sure

What’s a Bible verse that you want to share with your fellow workplace missionaries? Why?

Jeremiah 29:11

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, Plans to give you a hope and a future.“

If you could tell the CEOs of the biggest companies in the world one sentence about Jesus, what would it be?

Jesus is bigger and better than any bottom line, and He can give a bigger and better return than you could ever imagine.

What’s the best spiritual investment you’ve made?

The best spiritual investment I’ve ever made is with my own children. Making the decision to raise them in a Christ-centered home and demonstrate the love of Christ to them is the best gift I could ever give them.

What seed planting tip would you share with your fellow workplace missionaries?

Actions speak louder than words. Be willing to help and contribute. Listen with a gentle spirit and without judgment. Give when you can, whether it’s monetary or time or effort.

What would you tell to young Christians who are entering the workforce for the first time?

Show God’s love in the small ways. Smile at everyone. Talk to the coworker everybody else doesn’t like to talk to. Do the job that nobody volunteers to do. Give time and listen to those who need it.

When you find yourself focusing on worldly things, what do you do to refocus on following Jesus?

I find a quiet spot, free of distractions. Sometimes that means leaving my house. I don’t take my cell phone with me, and I just focus on listening to God. Sometimes it’s re-reading familiar scripture or looking at new scripture. But it’s free of distractions from any little thing.